Carciofi alla romana

for 4 persons 1h.30min
8 tender artichokes with stems
1 lemonmollica di pane
2 "parts" of garlic
enogh mint leaves to fill your hand
50 gr of the internal,tender part of the bread
olive oil
salt and pepper

Cut the artichoke's points and part of the stem,peel the remaining part of the stem.
Put the artichoke in a boul filled with water made sour with lemon juice.
Take the interior part of the bread and grind it.
Cut the garlic and the mint in very small pieces and add the grinded bread.
Add salt,pepper and enough oil to have the consistency of ketchup.
Take the artichokes out from the water,make sure to drain the artichokes well.
Open the leaves and insert the prepared sauce with the help of a teaspoon.
Put the artichokes in an owen pan, add abundant oil, add cool water util it reaches the half of the artichokes, add salt and pepper.
Put the pan in the owen already heaten to 180°C.
During cooking put sometimes a little of water of the pan over the artichokes.

After the cooking put a little the water of the pan over the artichokes and serve.

Wow...this recipe has strange terms, i hope you could understand what i wrote