This is my first try of painting ceramics...As always i'm totally self thaught, which makes things much more funny.
I used normal ceramic paints bought in a supermarket for 3 euros.

Here is the schetch drawing, made with an appropriate pencil, more "fat" than the normal ones

Here is the finished. If you watch it closely, you,ll notice some flaws: f.e. in the lower part of the owl body, in the darker part there is a "hole" in the painting, successively covered with another layer of paint.
To make the feathers, first i made a base color and then i dotted the body with much paint on the brush.

Thing i learned making this work:

Ceramic paint is very gummy so it's better to work with very diluited paint.
It's not possible to cover a hole in the paint without scratchin the wole part off.
The pencil will be burned after the cooking, but ONLY if it has no paint over it.
Once cooked it's still possible to adjust the paintjob scratching away the paint with a blade

I learned an important thing about painting on ceramics: never use water with the paints, only the appropriate medium or the painting resistance will be compromised.