(arab pastry)
For 4 persons you need

2 rolls of pre-made paste for cake
100 gr peeled almonds
100 gr peeled walnuts
100 gr peeled pistachio nuts
5 spoons of sugar (or many as you like)
concentrated butter
sugar syrup

Cleaning pistachio nuts
If you have found only salted pistachios, open the nuts and put
them in a bowl of water for 10-15 min, then peel them.
The entire process will take around 1 hr.

-Flatten one roll of pre-made paste and make it thinner, eventually with the aid of some flour.
-Put sugar, almonds, waluts and pistachios in a mixer and ground them.
-Take an owen pan, oil with a generous amount of concentrated butter.
-Put the thinned paste in the pan. -Put the mix over the paste, shaping it like a little salami. You should end
 with 4-5 "salami".
-Flatten the other roll and cover the first one. Press the paste around the salami
-Put in the owen at 150-180 C (it depends on how thin is the paste, the interior
 is almost already cooked).
-When it's cooked, cut the paste around each salami and then cut it into
 pieces 2 cm wide.
-Cover them with syrup and serve.