Handmade pasta

1,30 hr
you need:
100 gr flour 00 for person
1 egg for person

put the flour on the table,make a hole in it
put the entire egg(s) in the hole (without shell!)
put a small amount of salt

start mixing
be patient: it seems it will not mix but keep handling it
once the paste is homogeneus take (i don't know how to say it) a roller
start rolling with swift and improvvise movements (it helps to flat the paste faster)
when you reach 1-2 mm thickness take a little of flour and put a little of it on the paste (only a veil! or the tagliatelle will taste like flour) until the two faces of the flatted paste will stop to be sticky

fold it or roll it
cut into pieces of 3-5 mm wide
unfold or unroll the pieces,they seem like bands?ok!

put the water on fire,add salt when it's boiling,put the tagliatelle.
wait until cooked 5-8 min
trow away the water
add oil
garn with what you like and buon appetito!