First i took a white T-shirt and a sheet made by a paper box

I put the sheet in the shirt and stretched over it

I use some pins to fix the shirt on the sheet

I draw the schetch over the shirt with a normal pencil. I used the cross to help me positioning the sketch on the back

Here is the finished T-shirt. i changed the legs,the tail and added the two rings (i used dishes to make them)
for the front symbol i didn't use the cross and so i mistaken the alignment (the correct alignment is on the vertical of the border of the neck)
i tryed an heraldric look so i didn't paint a "modern" dragon head.

Now two more words:
 i'm totally self taughted so if there is a better way to do t-shirts please email me (email is in the about me page)

this tissue color is slightly trasparent so you can gain some nice effect simply painting fresh paint over dryed one

there is no way of deleting a mistake

the pencil will go away with a good wash