Paczki - from Przemas(MalleusMA)

1 kg flour
100gr leaven (yeast ??? - when i was looking for a traslation of polish word "drozdze" i found those 2 words - is there a difference?)
100gr sugar
1/2 liter milk
7 egg yolks
100gr butter
1/2 vanilia stick
1 lemon
small amount of spirit ( 2-3 spoons)
jam or anything you`ll come up with to put inside
powdered sugar

Scratch the lemon surface and keep the scratched. Also keep the juice from the lemon..
Cut the vanilia and take what`s inside (the best part of vanilia). Mix this with sugar.
Boil milk gently (it should be warm).
Melt the butter.
Prepare leaven - mix it with a bit sugar (spoon sould be enough), flour (spoon) anda litte amount of milk. Leave it to grow in some warm place.
Mix yolks with sugar, then mix it with flour, lemon juice, scratched lemon, grown leaven, milk, salt (very small amount) and spirit. Mix with your hands  and during that process add melted butter gradually.
When it`s mixed leave it for 15 minutes in a warm place.
When you`ll noticed that it grows take it and form small circle , put some jam (etc) in the centre and then shape a ball.
When you`ll be making next ball it`s good too keep those already made covered by some kind of fabric ( a towel etc.)
Take a pot and put oil inside.
Take first balls you made and put them to fry (it`s good to take them starting from the firts you made to the last because the first ones are best grown). Oil should be VERY hot when you put them.
Put the cooked balls on a paper to dry the oil.

Serve with the powdered (milled) sugar on.

I`d reccommend trying with some smaller amount at first.
If you don`t have vanilia you could use vanilia sugar.