for a 30 cm pan
you need

6 eggs
150 gr butter
130 gr flour
200 gr sugar
80 gr chocolate powder
1 "blister" of leaven for cakes (16 gr)

200 gr of apricot jam

For the cover
130 gr chocolate
30 gr sugar (or how much you like)
a little amount of water

The paste
Turn on the owen at 180 C (so it will be ready when we'll finish)
-Separe the red part of the eggs from the white part (yolks from glair).
-Work the butter with a fork to make it tender,then add the sugar.
-Add the red parts of the eggs.
-Add slowly the flour (slow adding make mixing more easy)
-Make the "foam" with the white parts of the eggs (adding a small (very small!) amout of salt will make the foam grow faster) and add it to the mix.
-Add the chocolate powder.
-Add the leaven.
-Put the mix in an oiled (with butter) cake pan and put it in the owen.
-Cook for 30 min.

When the cake is cool enough to be handled, cut it horizontally and put the jam.

The cover
-Put the water on the fire and add the chocolate and sugar.
-Mix and continue cooking until the chocolate is dense enough to stop dripping from the spoon after few time.
-Cover the cake.

Let it cool some more and serve.