for 6-8 guys
you need

5 eggs
500 gr of mascarpone cheese
125 gr of sugar
400 gr (or more if you like) of savoiardi biscuits (or use a tipe of biscuits that absorb many liquid
coffee (liquid not powder!)
chocolate powder

start with separating the red part of the eggs from the clear part.

take for now the red parts.mix with it the sugar and the mascarpone.

take the clear parts. make the "foam" (add a little of salt and the foam will grow in shorter time).

add the foam to the rest.mix very well.

take the biscuit and put them in the coffee (they must feel wet and easy to cut with a spoon but not too wet).

form a layer of wet biscuits.then put over a layer of cream.then a layer of biscuits...end with a layer of cream.

take the chocolate powder and put it on the cream.

serve chilled.